Adventure of a Lifetime: Trekking The Appalachian Trail April 9, 2014

Adventure of a Lifetime: Trekking The Appalachian Trail, a lecture at Temple University’s LifeLong Learning program, will be presented by Al Dragon. He will tell about an Appalachian Trail adventure filled with fun, surprises and what it really feels like to hike the length of the United States. This is the Appalachian Trail with its […] Read more »

Backpacking Adventure Checklists

Use a checklist now–avoid cussing later! Your first backpacking adventure or your one-hundredth time hiking the trails – having proper backpacking gear is essential. The following sites have backpacking gear checklists to help make your trail hiking experience not only fun but also safe. (Click green headings below to view the checklists.) Backpacker Magazine is highly […] Read more »

Rave review by lawyers magazine

In Philadelphia Lawyer Magazine, a judge’s sensational review  of  Avalanche and Gorilla Jim, Appalachian Trail Adventures and Other Tales–about escapades of a Philadelphia lawyer and a former army drill sergeant hiking the mountainous Appalachian Trail. Judge Moss’ amusing analysis sums up this high-spirited book’s: “exciting exploits, belly laughs, and shocking surprises, such as brutal attacks and murders […] Read more »

Dinner with Miss New Jersey

Last Friday night I had the pleasure of having dinner with two pretty women: Miss New Jersey (Lindsey Petrosh) and my wife Barbara. This took place at the Brigantine Jefferson Jackson dinner where Miss New Jersey sang the national anthem and also favored us with another song.  What a fabulous voice! Lindsey sat at our […] Read more »

Toughening up for the Appalachian Trail?

For several years I’ve trained in a fighting system used by the Israeli army: Krav Maga. International military, security, and law enforcement agencies employ krav maga.  This past Saturday I spent a tough 5 1/2 hours being tested in this street fighting defense method, including being assaulted by several attackers at once, and I thought you might […] Read more »


“What makes Avalanche’s story so interesting, especially for older-than-average hikers, is his ability to retell all the pain, agony, frustration and other trials that plague every hiker, without the usual sentimental look back through rose-colored glasses. He tells it like it is, including the raw language of the trail that a few might find offensive. […] Read more »

Backpacking Checklists

Backpacking—whether it’s your first backpacking trip or your one hundredth time hiking the trails—having the proper backpacking gear is essential. The following sites have backpacking-gear checklists to help you make your trail hiking experience not only fun but also safe. (Click green headings for checklists.) [Originally posted March 2012] Backpacker Magazine is highly knowledgeable, so it’s […] Read more »


Order copy(ies) of the entertaining Avalanche and Gorilla Jim, then mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I’ll send you a bookplate personally signed by me to easily fasten to the inside of each book’s front cover to give as an enjoyable book signed by the author. Send (a) the self-addressed stamped envelope, along with […] Read more »