Adventure on the Appalachian Trail

[Gorilla Jim and Avalanche are overtaken by a sudden Tennessee mountain snow storm and are rescued by CARTER COUNTY RESCUE SQUAD.  WJHL News Channel 11 interviews them and files this report:]

Snow Surprises Hikers, Unexpected Weather

Causes Hikers To Seek Shelter.

It was a cold night for two hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

Al Dragon and Carl Saxton camped just north of Walnut Mountain last night. Seven people from the Carter County Rescue Squad helped locate the men. Dragon and Saxton say the snow took them by surprise.

“Last night when we pitched our tents it was raining, we didn’t think it was going to snow. Surprisingly enough during the night we heard the snow and we got up this morning and it was about seven inches,” said Dragon.

“Never believe the weather. The weather might start in the morning where it’s sunny and you think all you need is a pair of shorts and a T-shirt,” said Saxton.

With the snow, these experienced hikers needed a lot more clothing than that.

They are safe and warm tonight in a Carter County hotel.