Dinner at the Supreme Court

I was invited to dinner at the US Supreme Court. Here are photos of Barbara and me taken at the Court. Beautiful building and good dinner.


Interview on Philly Factor TV Show

This photo was taken during an interview with Paul Perrello on his TV show Philly Factor where we talked about Avalanche and Gorilla Jim, Appalachian Trail Adventures and Other Tales.

Paul is a seasoned interviewer and it was fun being on his show.

Lost? What to do.

Al Dragon’s article “Getting Lost and Getting Found – Hiking and Backpacking” appeared in SectionHiker, Hiking and Backpacking for Beginners and Experts http://sectionhiker.com/tag/what-to-do-if-you-get-lost-hiking/.

Good pointers on what to do if you feel disoriented, and tips on how to avoid getting lost.

Al Dragon on travel expert Rick Steves’ radio show about Appalachian Trail

World famous travel expert Rick Steves hosts a weekly radio program, Travel with Rick Steves, which airs across the country.

Rick Steves lively interview with me about the Appalachian Trail and Avalanche and Gorilla Jim will be broadcast on August 11, 2012. For a complete list of North American stations and air times, please see this website: http://www.ricksteves.com/radio/whereitairs.htm


Small newspaper joins larger publications in praising Avalanche and Gorilla Jim

We appreciate Avalanche and Gorilla Jim’s great reviews from large publications, but we love the most recent review from a small newspaper in Tennessee which stated: “A good book written by Albert Dragon about his Appalachian Trail adventures with a friend he met on the trail that would turn out to be his hiking buddy as well as lifetime friend. . . . He is a very good writer and makes his adventure extremely interesting. . . . All I can say is if you like an adventure this is well worth the read.”  Mary Ann Ashworth, Local Yocal (yes, that’s the newspaper’s name), Townsend, TN


Radio interviews continue

Had a great time being interviewed by Bob Cudmore on his radio show on WVTL, AMSTERDAM, NY.  We talked about backpacking and Avalanche and Gorilla Jim. We’ll try to get an MP3 of the interview up on our Media page. I haven’t been counting, but it feels like about a dozen radio personalities have had me on their shows to talk about Avalanche and Gorilla Jim. 

Backpacking – Avalanche and Gorilla Jim – Publicity takes off

Last week Albert Dragon was interviewed on five radio shows about the backpacking book Avalanche and Gorilla Jim, Appalachian Trail Adventures and Other Tales. The talk varied from the humorous, such as the origins of the trail names Avalanche and Gorilla Jim, to Dragon’s rescue in a mountain snow storm in Tennessee.

A number of publications are running articles about this book.  Many of them are newspapers along the Appalachian Trail. We’ll post them at a future time.

Today on his radio program, Dr. Craig Wax interviews Al Dragon about the Health Benefits and Hazards of Hiking.  Dragon will be on the Milwaukee television show Morning Blend, Monday, June 25th.