Hilarious hiking and backpacking stories

I’m collecting funny incidents about hiking and backpacking.  If something humorous ever happened while trekking, please send it to http://albertdragon.com/?page_id=174  I’ll let you know some of them, and a prize will be given for the funniest each month. Everyone has had an experience that made people laugh their socks off. Whether it is rib-tickling or […] Read more »

Backpacking Checklists

Backpacking—whether it’s your first backpacking trip or your one hundredth time hiking the trails—having the proper backpacking gear is essential. The following sites have backpacking-gear checklists to help you make your trail hiking experience not only fun but also safe. (Click green headings for checklists.) Backpacker Magazine is highly knowledgeable, so it’s no surprise that […] Read more »