A great backpacking story

Funny stories about backpacking, hiking and the Appalachian Trail are coming in to the funny hiking story contest. Here’s a riotous one from the well known Circuit Rider who tells us about how someone got their trail name while backpacking the Appalachian Trail:

“Sherlock and I were hiking with Hopeful one misty morning in Georgia, when I realized my bottle filled with denatured alcohol must have fallen out of my pack.  I really need to get that side pocket sewn.

“Anyway, a short time later, a hiker we had just met the previous day, caught up with us and, with not a small amount of frustration, exclaimed, ‘Circuit Rider, why did you put denatured alcohol in a coke bottle?  I about killed myself!’

“I didn’t ask him why he failed to notice the ‘x’ marks all over the bottle, nor did I inquire as to why he was drinking from a bottle he knew was mine anyway.  I simply asked him if he had a Trail Name yet.  He said, ‘No.’

“So we gave him one.  From that point on he was known as Boozer.”

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